Fest Experience

Cashless – Payment

We give you all the options you need on ways to purchase things at the festival. Want to carry cash? That’s fine! Want to pay with your credit card? That works, too! Don’t want to carry either? Sign up for cashless to pay for all pizza and drinks at the bars. Please note: some vendors don’t accept cashless payment.


Don’t want to run the risk of losing your credit card or cash? Makes sense to us! Which is why we give you the option of registering your wristband for cashless. Simply attach your credit card information to you wristband and pay for all drinks at the beer carts, side stage bars, and pizza at the refuel and rehydrate tents. Is it secure? Absolutely! We take all of the necessary security precautions to keep your information safe, and because you can’t take your wristband off, you have no chance of losing it! Please note: some vendors don’t accept cashless, so plan accordingly!

Register Your Wristband

Credit Cards

Don’t feel like signing up for cashless? That’s okay! Credits are accepted at all bars, beer carts, and vendors. Just make sure to keep it in a safe place! Lose your credit card during the festival? Don’t freak out just yet! Head over to the information booth located at the top of the hill and see if someone turned it in. Or, if it’s after the festival, give us a call at 800.326.3378 and we can check to see if we have it.


Don’t want to bring a credit card or sign up for cashless? That’s fine! We accept cash at all bars, beer carts, and vendors. Just make sure you stop at the ticket booths outside each bar to grab your drink tickets before making a drink purchase. Need to get some cash? We have ATMs placed throughout the concert grounds. Check out the concert grounds map to see where they are so you don’t have to search for them when you get here.

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