Camping FAQs

Are there showers available in the campgrounds?

Yes, there are showers available in both the North and South campgrounds. During peak shower times (usually right away in the morning), lines can be long and hot water limited. Typically, the north campground showers have shorter lines, but there are NEW facilities in the south campgrounds that have electrical outlets & mirrors available.

Can I bring my pet to Fest?

Pets are allowed within the campgrounds as long as they are leashed at all times. Pets are not allowed within the concert area, with exceptions to service animals, only. Please see this page for more details. As always, owners are 100% responsible and liable for all actions of their pet.

Can I have someone drop off an RV for me?

Yep! Anyone dropping off an RV on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday will only need the appropriate campsite’s sticker. As of Wednesday at 9am, everyone entering the campgrounds will need to be wearing a festival wristband AND have the campsite stickers available. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have a group coming and only one person has all the stickers, that person MUST get appropriate stickers to appropriate campers prior to entering into the campgrounds. You WILL NOT be allowed into the campgrounds without appropriate stickers. Please make arrangements ahead of time to ease the process on everyone. We appreciate your planning!

Can I rent a portable toilet for my campsite?

Absolutely! Call Northwoods Portable Toilets at 715.891.0568. These must be reserved at least two weeks prior to the event. The earlier you reserve, the better, or you may be added to a waiting list.

How do I checkout of the campgrounds?

Please flag down a Security or Camper Parking Crew Member so they can check you out of your campsite.

How do I get my pool or camper filled with water?

Water trucks will be going through the grounds; you can flag one down or call them to schedule a filling. Jerome – 715.313.0127 Dan – 715.226.0471. Only these guys know the rates, so give them a jingle. Schedule your filling so you don’t have to wait on your Country Fest Pool Party!

How many people are allowed to stay on my campsite with me?

A maximum of six people are allowed per campsite.

How many tents/trailers/campers/RVs are allowed per campsite?

There is only one sleeping unit allowed per campsite, no exceptions.

I already bought concert tickets. Can I buy campsites separately?

YES! Get your campsites here!

I don’t want to camp. Are there hotels nearby I can stay at?

The nearest hotels are about 20 minutes away, but you can absolutely book yourself a room. Visit this page to view our partnering hotels, and purchase a weekend shuttle pass ($40 for the entire weekend) to eliminate having to get behind the wheel to get out here.

I only want one campsite, but there are multiple vehicles within our group. What do we do?

Only one vehicle is allowed on each campsite. All extra vehicles will need to purchase parking passes and be parked in the general parking lot for the duration of the festival.

Once I’m inside the campgrounds, can I leave?

As long as you have the proper passes on yourself and vehicle, you can exit and enter the campgrounds and concert area whenever you’d like.

What are the campground hours?

Camping officially opens Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. CST and is then open 24/7. Early camping set-up begins the Sunday prior to the festival. During early camping set-up, you MUST arrive during scheduled gate hours. Gates are closed and locked for any campers looking for entry after hours. Anyone who checks in early, Sunday-Tuesday, will be entered to win Meet & Greet passes! Early camping hours are Sunday from 10AM-6PM, Monday from 12PM-8PM, and Tuesday from 12PM-8PM.
NOTE: You do not need your concert pass to enter the campgrounds Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, although you do need to have your camper equipped with its campsite sticker. So, if Dad is planning on dropping an RF off for you, make sure he has the campsite sticker and gets it done Sun.-Tues. As of Wednesday, anyone entering or exiting the campgrounds MUST be wearing a concert wristband.

What is “glamping?”

Glad you asked! Glamping is a form of “Glamorous Camping,” where the majority of amenities are supplied for you.

What is this Campsite Clean Out Form I received in my package?

That is a form that needs to be filled out BEFORE you get to the festival. Please make sure every portion of the form is filled out before getting here, so we can prevent longer wait times.

What passes do I need to have for camping at Country Fest?

You need to be wearing a concert wristband and a Campground Access Pass to have entry into the campgrounds. Find more information about camping here.

What size are the campsites?

All of our campsites are 18’ wide and 40’ deep.

What’s the difference among general campsites, VIP campsites and electrical campsites?

General campsites are available for anyone to purchase. VIP campsites are reserved only for our VIP patrons, but are not required to camp there. Electrical campsites are limited in number, come with 15- and 30-AMP plug-ins, and can be reserved by anyone on a first-come basis. Limited 50-AMP upgrades are available for an additional fee.

When does the electricity get turned on for the electrical campsites?

Electricity gets turned on around noon on Wednesday.

Who do I call to pump my RV?

Please call Northwoods Portable Toilets at 715.891.0568.

Will garbage pick-up be provided?

Garbage pick-up is not provided during the festival. Bring your own garbage bags and take your trash to the nearest trash & recycling bins.

Camping Information

All Things Water
  • Fresh water stations are located at the end of first avenue east in rows G & M, at the end of first avenue west in row T in the south campground and in the middle of row ILA in the north campground.
  • No campsites have water hookups.
  • NEW AND IMPROVED: Water trucks will be text to deliver water for all pools and campers this year. Stay tuned for more info!
  • Need ice? Flag down an ice cart if you see one or stop in at the convenience stores to purchase ice.
  • Showers are free in both campgrounds. For your convenience, please try to shower before or after peak shower times to avoid long lines and limited hot water supply. Hours are as follows:




Campsite Information
  • Every campsite is 18’ x 40.’
  • Only (1) sleeping unit (tent, RV, etc.) is allowed on a campsite.
  • There are only (6) people allowed per campsite.
  • Every person camping or visiting the campgrounds will need to be wearing a campground access pass to get inside the campgrounds. Only (1) campground access pass comes with your campsite; any additional people camping on your campsite will need to have purchased an additional campground access pass. For example, if you purchase a campsite for yourself and your two friends, you yourself will not need a campground access pass because you get one free with the purchased campsite. However, you will need to purchase two additional campground access passes for your two friends.
  • There is only (1) vehicle allowed on a campsite. Note: If you are driving an RV and have an additional car, both will be allowed on the campsite, as the RV is your sleeping unit and the car will then be your additional vehicle.
  • Semi trailers, large enclosed trailers, or flatbed trailers are not allowed in the campgrounds.
  • Some campsites are not level, as the campground is located in a large field. We cannot tell you what each individual campsite looks like (we have over 7,000), so PLEASE be prepared and bring your own blocking.
  • All campsites are marked with patio blocks. Removal of these blocks will result in being fined. Anyone taking someone else’s spot will be asked to move their camper.
  • All campsites will be mowed to average grass length, however, you are more than welcome to come mow your campsite during early setup. Please see “early camping” for more information.
  • Please keep fire pits at least 10’ away from any sleeping unit or vehicle.
  • Convenience Stores are located just past the main entrance by the showers in the South campground, and at the end of row ELI in the North campground.
  • Fire rings are available for rent for $6/weekend at the convenience stores.
  • South Convenience Store is open Wednesday, 9:00AM-10:00PM, Thursday -Saturday 6:00AM-2:00AM.
  • North Convenience Store is open 6:00AM-8:00PM, Thursday-Saturday.
Clean Campsite Information
  • A $50.00 deposit is required on any furniture brought into the campgrounds. If you take your furniture out with you and your campsite is clean when you leave, your $50.00 can be reclaimed at the entrance gate by noon on the Monday following the festival.
  • Recycling and garbage bins are located throughout the campgrounds and concert area. You will need to bring your own garbage bags. There will be no campground garbage pick-up. Please take your garbage and recycling to the appropriate bin nearest to your campsite.
  • Aluminum cans are a donated to local organizations who keep our grounds clean. Please place your cans in the “cans only” bins.
  • Please leave your campsite in the same condition that you found it when you came. You will be given a clean campsite form with your order that you will need to fill out before getting to the grounds. When you leave at the end of the weekend, please have Fest staff check out your campsite, signing the bottom portion of the clean campsite form, and give it to the gate attendant as you leave the grounds.
  • Any campsite left in dissatisfactory condition will be invoiced anywhere between $100.00-$2500.00. Please dispose of everything from your campsite EXCEPT FOR hot coals. Leave any hot coals in the fire pit and a Fest employee will clean those up after the festival is over.
General Camping Rules
  • Open ground fires or bonfires are not allowed. Self-contained fires (inside fire ring) are allowed, weather permitting. Please do not dig fire pits. All campfires and grills must be contained and attended at all times.
  • Quiet time in the campgrounds is from 2:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. All fires must be extinguished and all generators must be shut off during this quiet time.
  • No person will be allowed in the campgrounds without a concert wristband and a campground access pass. Anyone on the festival grounds without the proper wristbands is subject to a trespassing fine of up to $1000.00.
  • Tiki torches are not allowed on the festival grounds.
  • Absolutely NO weapons are allowed in the campgrounds or concert grounds.
  • Tailgating is not allowed in parking lots due to safety concerns.
  • Cruising the festival campgrounds in any vehicle of any kind is not permitted.
  • Nudity is not allowed on the festival grounds.
  • Wristbands that have been cut or tampered with are considered void and will not be replaced. Anyone caught trying to enter the grounds with such a wristband is subject to a trespassing fine and immediate removal from the festival grounds.
  • If your sleeping unit, vehicle, campfire or entire setup does not fit within your specified campsite (18′ x 40′), you must purchase another campsite, in accordance with state and local regulations.
  • All camping units must be removed by the Friday after Fest, at which time the gates will be locked.
  • Unauthorized drones, ATVs, golf carts, mopeds, dirt bikes, go-carts or any other off-road or non-licensed vehicles are not allowed on the festival grounds. If you bring one, it will be confiscated for the weekend and you can pick it up when you leave.
  • Vehicles are subject to search upon entry and while vehicles are on the festival grounds.
  • There will be a $30.00 charge to change your campsite location(s) any time after you place your initial order.
  • Soliciting, glass containers, horses, weapons of any kind and fireworks are not allowed on the festival grounds.
  • Absolutely no “live music stage shows” in the campgrounds that promote large gatherings, selling of alcoholic beverages, and any other soliciting. This will not be tolerated and violators will be removed from the premises.
  • No party is allowed to reproduce, print, sell, promote, give away, or solicit any items or property that bear the name(s) or logo(s) of the festivals and/or the entertainers in whole or in part. Anyone doing so is infringing on trademark rights and jurisdictions and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The festival reserves the right to confiscate all contraband items.
Legality Rules
  • All people entering the festival grounds do so at their own risk. No liability is assumed by owners, managers, officers, agents, employees, promoters, sponsors or any other individuals or entities associated with the event.
  • Since 1984, sheriff deputies have been authorized to issue a trespassing citation similar to a traffic citation. After receiving a ticket from a law enforcement officer, defendants may pay a fine up to $1,000, or appear in court to contest the ticket. Surrounding landowners can also go to court with a civil suit to collect damages from trespassers.
  • Any violators of Country Fest or State regulations will be subject to having their wristband removed and will be escorted from the festival grounds with no refunds. Violators will also be subject to fine according to state and local regulations.
  • A $100.00 reward will be given for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of any perpetrators selling any illegal items on the Country Fest premises. Contact any festival security or any uniformed officer. The festival security building and the sheriffs building are located at the top of the hill.
Misc. Information
  • Any person on the festival grounds is subject to being photographed for festival promotional purposes with no prior approval and no compensation.
  • Country Fest is not responsible for your camping spot, for personal injury, loss, left, or damage to any person or property. Please lock up all personal belongings.