Branded is:
Kasey Kuker – Lead Vocals
Nathan Hansen – Lead Guitar/vocals
Mike Hardwick – Rhythm Guitar/vocals
Jimmy (Riot) Elliott/Alex Zackary – Bass/vocals
Dilly Bandara/Jeff Stewart/Tim Hasler – Drums

Branded started with a bang in June of 2017, and has been touring the Midwest ever since. Referred to as “Minnesota’s Hottest Country Act,” Branded brings high energy fun to all of the hottest current country hits, while mixing in a bunch of the crowd-pleasing classics! Branded is a unique collaboration of five extremely talented musicians brought together through their love of country music. What sets Branded apart is their incredible vocal ability and their tight, true, four-part harmonies. Combining their natural high energy, unparalleled musicianship, and vocal prowess, creates a unique and unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Don’t just get the ordinary. GET BRANDED!