Jimmy Sarr has been navigating the local, regional, and national scene via his various musical projects for several years. An accomplished singer and songwriter, Sarr has played many genres of music, with his love for country music always present. Born into a family of bluegrass and rockabilly musicians, Sarr’s career in country music comes as no surprise. In 2012, Jimmy Sarr went back to his roots with the goal of bringing a high energy country band to the Midwest. Country music with a Rock & Roll attitude! Sarr recorded his debut EP at OmniSound Studio in Nashville, TN in 2016 featuring hit songs "We Fought Hard", "Goodbye Back", & "When the Whiskey Gets Me." Jimmy Sarr puts on a show like no other band around, fusing their high energy sound with melodic harmonies and Sarr’s powerful and haunting lead vocals. Even the ballads have an edge! Stop, listen, and you will be instantly hooked on this band. Give them an hour and you will feel like family.


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