Weather Policy

Country Fest 2017 will take place RAIN or SHINE. All acts advertised have confirmed their appearance at Country Fest 2017; however, acts are subject to change without notice. There will be no refunds or exchanges resulting from the failure of any act to appear at the festival. ALL SALES ARE FINAL - Country Fest is not responsible for lost, stolen, or forgotten wristbands or stickers, or for the replacement of wristbands for any reason.

Chippewa Valley Music Festivals, in cooperation with local emergency services, will provide the most up to date and best weather information available in case of a severe weather outbreak affecting the grounds. A severe weather announcement will be made on stage that can be heard throughout the concert area, and a notification will be sent via our mobile phone app or social sites when severe weather threatens the area.

Severe weather can sometimes occur with little or no advance warning. You should have a personal plan in place to help protect yourself in the event of a severe weather outbreak.

Weather alert flags will be flown by the sheriff station at the top of the hill.

  • No flags: All clear
  • White Flag: Caution - Possible bad weather
  • Red Flag: Weather Alert - Take necessary precautions or take cover. This means there are high winds in the area.

Response crews are located on site 24 hours a day during the festival. Check the map for the locations of the Medical and Security Offices and the Storm areas. In the event of a storm, a Weather Alert will be issued. Prepare to move to a designated storm area. Leave your vehicle, tent, or camper and go to the nearest ditch, ravine, or low area. Lie flat and protect your head. Do not stand in your camper or tent. Do not try and outrun the storm in your vehicle. Do not enter groves of trees during a storm. Emergency crews will let you know when it is safe.

In the event of lightning, seek shelter in your vehicle with windows rolled up or, if no vehicle is available, in a low lying area away from trees or items or height that may attract lightning. In the event of a thunderstorm, seek shelter, which may include getting inside vehicle away from trees. In the event of a tornado or high wind alert, take shelter. Storm Areas are identified on the Festival Grounds Map below so take time to review the map and develop a plan when you arrive at the fest grounds.



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