Handicap Camping

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Handicap Camping and Parking at Country Fest - Close, Convenient, Easy to Reserve

We do have a handicap camping area that is close to the concert area. It is in the South Campgrounds and is specifically:

  • Row C - Sites 1 - 30
  • Row D - Sites 11 - 30
  • Row E - Sites 1 - 30

You will have to call our office to order your handicap campsite(s) at 1-800-326-3378. Please have your handicap number(s) ready to give us as you will need 1 handicap number for each campsite you order.

We also have a handicap car parking area which is in the beginning of Row D. You can exchange your regular car parking sticker for a handicap car parking sticker at the main gate. You will also need to give the attendent your handicap number before the exchange.