Camping Maps

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Camping at Country Fest is a great way to meet people and be close to the action!

Many fans say that you really haven't experienced the Fest until you've camped at the Fest grounds. Check the maps at right to pick your spot, and welcome to the party!

Please note that the campsite maps are in "real time" meaning the maps change as people order campsites.

You can order easliy here on our Website or you can call us at 1-800-326-3378.

We will open up the West Campsites for sale when the South and North Campsites have all been sold.

  • VIP campsites are ANN -> FAY
  • Campsites with Electricity are GIL and HAL in North Campground
  • Campsites with Electricity are M 1-60, N 1-60 & O 1-60 in South Campground
  • North General Admission Campsites are ILA -> SAM
  • No Generator Campsites are TOM