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The State of Wisconsin is currently working on a Campground Policy which will spell out all new guidelines concerning all camping in Wisconsin. Included in the policy will be a limit of people allowed per campsite. We fought to allow a maximum of 6 people per campsite. Along with the State of Wisconsin’s new regulations, the cost of operation is increasing year after year. Garbage and Recycling costs continually increase every year, Security and Camping Personal costs continue to increase by astronomical numbers, and undeniably the cost of entertainment continues to increase.

We understand the fans like to see the most popular and hottest artists at Country Fest and in order to get them; we have to pay the price. We also know that in these tough economic times, in order to keep it the best value and as affordable as possible, it essential that we keep our general admission ticket prices steady, which we have accomplished for 3 years running now. We welcome you to check out some of the other festivals in the area and compare the always stellar lineup, ticket prices, camping prices, the proximity of the campgrounds to the concert area, the facilities, opportunity to camp for a full week, and the many other amenities that we offer. You’ll see that we are still the best value for your dollar.

We have received a couple questions about the camping change for Country Fest 2011. We thought we would offer everyone a clarification of:

Why did we change the rate for camping and incorporate a campground access pass?

The Chippewa Valley Country Fest has the largest campground in the state of Wisconsin. Because of this, the State of Wisconsin and Campground Association come to evaluate the campgrounds quite often during the events. There have been numerous occasions where they would encounter too many people sleeping in certain campsites, sometimes up to 15 people per site. Which we all know can lead to very dangerous situations, so as an effort to control the safety of camping at the event, the State called a meeting where they wanted to enforce a four person maximum per campsite. We fought this proposal and agreed upon a six person maximum. Even though this regulation has been put into place, many people were still buying one day arm bands on Thursday or Friday and staying in the campsites the entire weekend. It’s impossible to monitor every campsite on the grounds, but still we had to do something to help regulate this issue.

So we came to the decision to lower the cost of a campsite by $20 and incorporate a camping access armband of $30 for each person that wants to stay in or access the campground. This is going to be a huge headache for us, and we wish that we did not have to implement this. However the cost of entertainment, production, security and other administration have all continued to rise over the past three years. This is how long it’s been since we raised prices on tickets or campsites and this like killing two birds with one stone. This camping access will not only help enforce a safer camping experience, it will also help offset many of the costs the event has incurred. Also, we’re doing our best to stay current in the concert industry and if you research other events in the Midwest and compare apples to apples, we are still the best value for the buck. The last thing we want to do is create headaches for our fans, but we see this as something that will continue to make our event the absolute best event that you attend each and every summer! I hope this answers any questions that anybody has and any further questions don't be hesitant to send an e-mail.

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Thank You for your dedication and loyalty.

Have a great rest of the summer 2012! We look forward to seeing you at Country Fest 2013!