Brad Paisley
Date Playing: June 28th

Brad Paisley



            A rock provides a major clue to the heartbeat of Brad Paisley’s Wheelhouse.

            The piece, a silhouette of Paisley’s homestate West Virginia, is embedded in one of two stone walls of the drum room in his converted home studio. The state represents the place where he first acquired the skills that coalesced into one of contemporary country’s most important careers. The studio itself is where he essentially started over, producing himself for the first time and figuratively rebooting a career that was already the envy of most of Paisley’s peers.

            The rock reminder of West Virginia definitely belongs on the Middle Tennessee property. Paisley can’t escape his past – nor would he want to. The 21 #1s, the three awards from ASCAP as the Country Songwriter/Artist of the Year, the 14 Country Music...