SLAMABAMA is one of those rare acts that can bring your venue the best of both worlds.  Their North-Meets-South approach to music allows them to smoothly bridge the gap between Country and Rock.  Authentic Southern vocals combined with “big city” showmanship will keep your audience happy… regardless of what kind of music they love.  SLAMABAMA’s show consists a female lead with stage energy and vocal range to burn, PLUS an additional male lead vocalist/lead guitarist. Add in a 3rd vocalist to round out their unique 2 and 3 part harmonies backed by a dynamic and tight rhythm section, and you’ve got “that SLAMABAMA sound”. They have built a reputation of unequaled stamina on-stage as they seamlessly go from one song to the next without wasting time. They always keep the energy and fun moving toward an out of control pace for a intense concert experience for all. Be prepared to join in the fun when you sing along to all of your favorites and be blown away by how much you love the original music from their 3 successful album releases. Often imitated, but never duplicated… a SLAMABAMA show is both an entertaining and interactive music experience seldom seen in live music today.